Escapades – Delhi

Hello there!! I hope you guys are doing well and enjoyed August. Here in Bangalore we all witnessed a lot of deluge. However the weather was quite cool and idle to just be cozy at Home with a hot cup of Coffee.

Anyway today’s post is all about my explorations at Delhi, a.k.a “Dil Walon Ki Dilli”……

I always wanted to visit Delhi just like anyone who hasn’t been there & when a sudden trip was planned, I couldn’t say no.

The City has so much to offer, it is renowned for its history, cultural ride and also for street foods.

The thing that excites me most about the city is Sarojini Nagar Market, which is really a famous place for a keen shopaholic like me.

Also I have planned to visit Taj Mahal(Agra) cause who doesn’t want to see one of the 7 wonders of the World, before anything else? Right?!!

Well the trip is only for 3 days and there are a lot of things lined up. I’m kind of planning things up in my mind and hope I’m able to make the most of my Trip……

So I reached Delhi on the 11th of September around 4pm because my flight was delayed by 2hrs sadly! All thanks to Indigo…. Anyway once I reached, took a uber & headed Mahipalpur where my friend was staying. As it was already late & I was damn tired we choose to explore the city the nextday.

  • Now because the first day flew just like that, I hoped my second day wasn’t wasted.

Hopefully it didn’t, I don’t know if anyone has done shopping in Sarojini from morning to night…if anyone of you have, then you can totally relate with me & a high five!!! Because I did shopped like crazy maniac from morning till it was 8 at night.

Now Sarojini was bloody huge!!!! If you haven’t been here you should totally check this place out.. . It’s a shopping paradise for ladies especially. I couldn’t believe my eyes & ears when I heard about the price of each clothing. There was so much trendy stuffs to shop at jaw dropping prices..

But the only thing you gotta do is

1) Check thoroughly

Check the quality of the fabric & thoroughly check if any part of the apparel is torn etc. like how most of our mom do shopping. Sadly I got one piece which had a hole, yeah excited me forgot to check initially.

2) Bargaining

Most of the shopkeepers put up a high price, but once you put up a rate you want the clothing for, they will agree for somewhere near that & then you need to stick on until the deal is agreed from the other end & obviously walk away like slowly.😉 There are tops starting from Rs 50/- , ear-rings from Rs 10/-, bags, shoes etc…everything you can think of literally. .

I had such a lovely experience & I have only one thing to say :”Take me back.

  • The next day woke up late & hence was in a mad rush.Booked an Ola(Out station) for visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Yes!!! You guys guessed it right🙂, it’s the “TAJ MAHAL”. So we reached Agra at around 2:30. This place is literally filled with guides near the entrance,we hired one and went inside.

When we entered, along with the tickets, we also need to show government ID proof with address.I was told by the guide not to speak in English cause he said I look like a foreigner Lol. Guess what I forgot my adhaar & only had my PAN. Now as PAN doesn’t have address, they won’t accept it. Thank God!!! I had a picture of my birth certificate in my phone which gracisouly worked out & it saved the day.

So if any one is planning to visit, “Taj Mahal” please carry a voter id or Adhaar(Indians only).Also we got tiny plastic sleeves to cover our foot.

The entrance building are all in red & just adjacent to the Taj Mahal there is a mosque.

First thing I learned about Mumtaz Mahal was that her real name is Arjumand Banu Begum.

The building looks splendid even from afar & as you get nearer and nearer the view just gets better.No

What can I say about the Taj Mahal 😍The architectural monument explains it all. What a beauty it is😍.

I was literally mesmerized & forgot everything else. This ivory-white marble mausoleum showcase intricate & beautiful calligraphy.

Once you approach nearer you can see the beautiful Makrana marble which was taken from Rajasthan. Now one interesting thing that our guide told us & I still remembered is about the minarets.The minarets, which are each more than 40 metres (130ft) tall, display the designer’s penchant for symmetry.

Now interesting thing about the minarets is that it was constructed slightly outside of the plinth so that in the event of collapse, a typical occurrence with many tall constructions of the period, the material from the towers would tend to fall away from the tomb.

Inside the Taj Mahal we are not allowed to take pictures however our guide explained that the decorated tomb in the center of the building is not the real ones since Muslim tradition forbids elaborate decorations on graves, the bodies of Mumtaz and Shah Jahan are placed in a relatively plain crypt beneath the inner chamber with their faces turned right and towards Mecca.

Everyone should visit this beautiful architecture once in a lifetime. ….. I personally feel that pictures scream more about a place than words no matter how much we describe it because seeing is believing, don’t you agree?! So here we go; Enjoy the pics..

So the return journey from Agra to Delhi nearly took 4hrs with the traffic & trust me traffic in Delhi is like bang on.

  • We decided to visit India Gate before we could end the day because next day early morning, is our return flight to Bangalore.

Reached India Gate finally at around 9:30pm but it was still crowded. It felt like a park. People sitting everywhere & chatting, kids playing around, lots of vendors selling ice-creams, balloons, eatables & lots of other stuffs. The India Gate was so pretty & beautiful that I instantly fell in love this place.

So the next morning 5:30am was my flight timing & I reached Bangalore at around 9:00am. That brings us to the end of my short trip.

I enjoyed every bit of Delhi, even though I couldn’t visit alot of places I planned. But this trip really rejuvenated & energised me to take on next endeavour.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post.

Lots of love xoxo




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