Wedding Outfits || Flyrobe

Weddings are such a grand affair in India. Weddings in India has abundance of good food, the best of clothing,accessories,etc . From decorations, clothing & jewelry, everything sparkles and shines. I can’t help myself from getting lost into the mesmerizing charisma.

But Hey! the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about any wedding occasion is “What should I be wearing?” isn’t it? I mean we all want to look our best, don’t we?

Yes, we all want to be in the limelight in an occasion like this.But it gets pretty confusing & sometimes fussy when it comes to shopping the perfect wedding occasion outfit.

There was a time I remember a couple of years back when I pictured a look for myself for my cousin’s wedding. But as I was unable to find the Lehenga with the right color combination and design. I had to settle for something different as I had only few days left.

But I’m glad that we have so much of variety to choose from these days. So many brands coming up with trendy designs and with Flyrobe in town it’s definite win-win for all of us.

Now for those of you thinking what “Flyrobe” is?🤔

Flyrobe is an online Fashion store where you can rent clothes for special occasions.

Flyrobe has so much variety and designs that you can get spoiled for choices. They also have exclusive designer attires that can be rented at affordable prices.

Why spend a bomb on an outfit you’re going to wear for just a day, when you can rent it? Think about it!!

The best part is they do custom fitting as well!! It’s just like a cherry on the top isn’t it?

You will look gorgeous on the occasion plus it will be stitched as per your size ..We all have that moment when we feel that the dress was made for us.

Even though you rented it just for a day or two trust me you wouldn’t regret it👸

So I went to their store in Richmond Bengaluru, picked an attire which I think can be worn while attending any wedding function that might be just around the corner. Hope you’ll love it. Enjoy the pictures:

So what are you waiting for? Go and try out their entire wedding collection at a store near you!

In Bangalore, you can visit their Richmond town pop-up store any time from 21st to 25th July,2017; Location address: Green Theory Café, #15, Convent Road, Richmond Town

P. S: They have their complete wedding & bridal collection in store which you can try.

Lots of love xoxo 😘😘



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