Springfield Store launch at |Phoenix Mall|Bengaluru,india

Attended the Springfield store launch at Phoenix marketcity, Whitefield Bengaluru on 17th July,2017.

Springfield is an European casual clothing brand & it has opened its first outlet in Bengaluru.

The event was lively, full of entertainment & good ambience.

The store really does scream “Spring“, with the collection doing the justice.

I went through the women’s clothing range there is a lot to choose from :maxi dresses,midi dresses, pullovers,shorts,jeans,shrugs,sweaters, casual shirts,socks etc. There are also few accessories like anklets, key chains, neckpieces etc…

#Springfieldishere #FeelGoodLookGood #Women’s section

The best part about the clothes are the material used to make this clothing is really soft and light. I was really impressed with the denim section as well;it wasn’t so thick as few denims usually are and hence ideal for the summer & spring season.

#Springfieldishere #FeelGoodLookGood #Men’s section

The Springfield men’s section has a wide range of apparel,footwear & accessories.

Their collection has a wide variety of denim, caps, T-shirts, trousers, sports wear, shoes, bags, etc.

They have used cool colour combination I must say, with really light tones.Their clothes have a Spring vibe going on. Material wise very soft again & of great quality.

Last but not the least,this store meets the styles of the urban population keeping in mind about the latest trends.The pricing is affordable in both the men & women section which is why I’m going to visit the store again.

I suggest you guys to visit the Springfield store in Phoenix Marketcity & experience the store for yourself & shop till you drop…

PS. They also launched Women’secret their lingerie store…. Do check it out ladies

Until my next blog… See you guys

Lots of love xoxo😘😘




  1. Hi Princie,

    I just wanted to write to say that I read your article, “Springfield Store” launch at Phoenix Mall Bengaluru,india and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your work. As someone who always works in the field of fashion and it’s really great to see your choice of product which ultimately becomes someone’s favorite. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye and buy these cool collection.

    Anyway, just wanted to drop by and say how much I loved your work. Looking forward to seeing what you write again.


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